Half-Day Rate
4 Hours

Full Day Rate
8 Hours

Evening Rate
3 Hours


We've automated our calendar and bookings system for your convenience - it is accessible below. To avoid confusion and allow bookings with short lead times, SoHo Creative does not hold dates without payment. For this reason we offer a full refund for any bookings that are canceled 72 hours before your rental. If you'd like to 'hold' a date - simply book that date, pay in full and if you need to cancel or reschedule the system will allow you to do that automatically (so long as you're not within 72 hours of your rental slot).


(2) Strobes (Alien Bee monolights, 320 w/s)

(2) 24 x 36 softboxes

(2) Umbrellas

(5) C-stands

(6) Extender arms

(2) Light stands

(2) Telescoping mini-boom arms

(6) 4' x 8' V-flats

(4) Sandbags

(3) Extension cables

Sync cable

Studio cart

Clothes steamer

 (4) Rolling racks


(2) Profoto D1 500 w/s Monolights

(2) Profoto 1’ x 4’ Stripboxes

7-foot Octobank

Pocket Wizard Wireless Triggers

(2) Kino Flo 4’ 4Bank Lighting Systems

FotodioX C-700RSV Flapjack LED Bi-Color Edge Light 18”

9' Seamless Backdrops

(Super White, Black, Fashion Gray, Thunder Gray)

22" Beauty Dish with 640 w/s strobe

15 Degree Grid for Beauty Dish

Redwing Boom

Full day bookings are 8 hours and can start at 8am, 9am or 10am

Half day bookings are 4 hours and can start at 8am, 9am, 10am, 1pm or 2pm

Evening bookings start at 7pm

If you have any questions, need overtime or have a booking request for over 90 days out, email us at: studio@sohocreativestudio.com or call 646-504-1821

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